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Antique Pre Stanley Leonard Bailey Boston Bailey Spokeshave Beyond Rare


Taytools 469577 Round

Taytools 469577 Round Bottom Curved Spokeshave Fine Adjustment 2 Wide High Ca...


E.c. Stearns No.

E.c. Stearns No. 13 Flexible Sole Spokeshave


Vintage Hand Tools

Vintage Hand Tools Rare Bailey Tool Co Spokeshave Old Antique Metal Plane 86


Stanley No. 67

Stanley No. 67 Universal Spokeshave - Early Type 1 Guaranteed Complete


Irwin Record Flat

Irwin Record Flat Spokeshave Ta151 250mm High Speed Steel Cutter Usa Brand


Irwin Record Round

Irwin Record Round Spokeshave Ta151r 250mm High Speed Steel Cutter Usa Brand


Vintage S. Tyzack

Vintage S. Tyzack & Son Spokeshave Made In England [pl2394]


Bailey Tool Co.

Bailey Tool Co. Woonsocket Ri Spokeshave No. 11 Shave


151 Spokeshave Flat

151 Spokeshave Flat Spokeshaves


Vintage Ornate Edward

Vintage Ornate Edward Preston Spokeshave Old Antique Hand Tool Spoke Shave 162


Vintage Rare Badger

Vintage Rare Badger & Galpin Boxwood Spokeshave Old Antique Hand Plane Tool 159


Antique Wood

Antique Wood Steel Spokeshave 19th Century Blade Marked 460-c


Spokeshave Twin Pack

Spokeshave Twin Pack 1 Concave &amp 1 Convex Spokeshaves


Faithfull Spokeshave Twin

Faithfull Spokeshave Twin Pack 1 Concave & 1 Convex


Vintage Stanley No

Vintage Stanley No 68 Spoke Shave Rabbet Carriagemaker's Spokeshave Sw /1890


Vintage Stanley American

Vintage Stanley American Sweetheart Spokeshave 51 Adj Blade Stanley Usa C1925


Conover - Mentor,

Conover - Mentor, Ohio Wooden And Brass Spokeshave.


Pinnacle No 151

Pinnacle No 151 Spokeshave


Preston 1388 Quirk

Preston 1388 Quirk Router Cutter Spokeshave Plane Woodwork Tool Vintage


Veritas Convex Spokeshave

Veritas Convex Spokeshave With A2 Blade


Pinnacle No151 1/2

Pinnacle No151 1/2 Radius Spokeshave


Replacement Blade, Convex

Replacement Blade, Convex Spokeshave Spokeshaves


Stanley Spokeshave No

Stanley Spokeshave No 84 Boxwood Razor From The 1905 -1935 Sweetheart


Replacement Blade For

Replacement Blade For Spokeshave Spokeshaves


Preston 1387 Oveloe

Preston 1387 Oveloe 5/8 Sash Router Spokeshave Woodwork Vintage Tool E424


Stanley 151 10

Stanley 151 10 Spokeshave Plane 2 1/8 Blade Flat Sole Vintage Made In England


Stanley No 67

Stanley No 67 Spokeshave Rabbet Combination Plane Vintage Rosewood 


Stanley 55mm Round

Stanley 55mm Round Adjustable Spokeshave - Usa Brand


Vintage Millers Falls

Vintage Millers Falls No. 1 1884 Spokeshave Cigar Shave, Knife



Classic Antique Miller Falls Spokeshave Plane Curved Bottom



Classic Antique Union Plane Company Moshers Patent Spoke Shave Spokeshave


Vintage Stanley No.

Vintage Stanley No. 60 Double Cutter Spokeshave Hollow And Straight Cutters


Preston Sash Router1387

Preston Sash Router1387 B 5/8 Lambtongue Spokeshave Woodwork Tool E436


Preston 1387 1/2

Preston 1387 1/2 Oveleo Improved Sash Router Spokeshave Woodwork Tool E433


Hock Wooden Spokeshave

Hock Wooden Spokeshave Kit, 4-7/16â Blade


Woodjoy Tools Two

Woodjoy Tools Two Inch Performance Spokeshave


Hock Tools Spokeshave

Hock Tools Spokeshave Kit 4-7/16â Blade Woodworking Wood Carving Carpentry Tool


Antique Miniature Draw

Antique Miniature Draw Knife 5.25 Blade Small Mini Spokeshave Unbranded C.19th


1-1/4 Gunther Spokeshave

1-1/4 Gunther Spokeshave California Arrowhead Authentic Indian Artifact


Vintage G. N.

Vintage G. N. Stearns Spokeshave Spoke Shave Plane - Rare


Cinncinati Tool Co.

Cinncinati Tool Co. Spokeshave


Woodjoy Tools One

Woodjoy Tools One Inch Performance Spokeshave


1st Model Of

1st Model Of Tuells 1863 Patent Double Or Reversible Wood Spoke Shave Spokeshave


Antique Spokeshave With

Antique Spokeshave With Cross Blacksmith Mark Cut Wood Tool Plane Draw Knife


Vintage Marples Hibernia

Vintage Marples Hibernia Spokeshave Boxwood Old Antique Hand Plane Tool 157


Vintage Marples Hibernia

Vintage Marples Hibernia Spokeshave Boxwood Old Antique Hand Plane Tool 158


Vintage Skelton Sheffield

Vintage Skelton Sheffield Spokeshave Boxwood Old Antique Hand Plane Tool 160


Vintage Patented 1870

Vintage Patented 1870 Packard Leather Worker Heel Shave Cobbler Tool Spokeshave


Antique Wood Plane

Antique Wood Plane D. Lovering, Wood Handled Spokeshave & Metal Model No. 51


Vintage English Spokeshave

Vintage English Spokeshave [pl2432]


Vintage English Spokeshave

Vintage English Spokeshave [pl2428]


Antique Stanley Rule

Antique Stanley Rule & Level Co No 53 Spokeshave Made In Usa


Vintage Greenlee 10

Vintage Greenlee 10 Draw Knife Spokeshave Spoke Shave Usa Euc Sharp


Vintage E. Prestons

Vintage E. Prestons Champher Spokeshave - Correct Blade & Both Bottom Shoes


Early Make Do

Early Make Do Primitive Spokeshave Vintage Carpenters Tool Pc


Antique Spokeshave With

Antique Spokeshave With Curve Cut Wood Tool Plane Draw Knife French Trumpet Logo


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