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Schleich Horses Retired On Sale

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Schleich 2 Retired

Schleich 2 Retired Appaloosa Stallion Horses 13271 Plus 2 Trakehner Mares 13261


Schleich Shetland Pony

Schleich Shetland Pony Horses Collectible Toy 13297 13750 13752 New Retired


Akhal Teke Horse

Akhal Teke Horse By Schleich/horses/toy/13701//retired


Schleich Horses Retired

Schleich Horses Retired Clydesdale Mare 13291 Farm Life Brand New With Tag


Schleich Germany 2000

Schleich Germany 2000 Clydesdale Brown Draft Horses Retired


Schleich 13276 Arabian

Schleich 13276 Arabian Foal Horse Horses 2004-2013 Retired


Schleich 2000 Clydesdale

Schleich 2000 Clydesdale Brown Draft Horses Retired


Schleich Horses Pioneer

Schleich Horses Pioneer Cover Wagon Retired 14 X 5.75 Nib Rare Play Set 42


Schleich Papo Figurines

Schleich Papo Figurines Nights Horses Sorcerer Retired