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Ansonia Porcelain Clock On Sale

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Vintage Ansonia Style

Vintage Ansonia Style Visible Escapement 24k Floral Porcelain Regulator Clock


Rococo Style Ansonia

Rococo Style Ansonia Garniture Set With Porcelain Dial And Portrait Plaque, Ny


Antique Ansonia Royal

Antique Ansonia Royal Bonn Porcelain La Lorne 1901


Royal Bonn Porcelain

Royal Bonn Porcelain Clock Case With Ansonia Clock Works Free Shipping


Antique Ansonia Porcelain

Antique Ansonia Porcelain Royal Bonn Case Clock 1880s W/ Open Escapement Runs


Antique Mantel Clock.

Antique Mantel Clock. 1755 Ansonia Royal Bonn La Salle. Germany. Porcelain.


Antique Ansonia Porcelain

Antique Ansonia Porcelain Mantel Clock Referee 1881 Model


Beautiful Blue Ansonia

Beautiful Blue Ansonia Referee Porcelain Mantle Clock Circa 1901 Reduced Price


Antique Ansonia Royal

Antique Ansonia Royal Bonn Porcelain Clock La Hay C. 1880s


Antique Arabia Porcelain

Antique Arabia Porcelain Cased Ansonia Mantle Clock Works


Nice Antique Porcelain

Nice Antique Porcelain Cased Ansonia Title Mantle Clock Works


American Ansonia 'recreut

American Ansonia 'recreut Rose Porcelain / China Case Shelf Clock, C. 1900


Antique Ansonia Crystal

Antique Ansonia Crystal Regulator Clock Porcelain Face Runs/strikes Bronze Case


Antique Ansonia Ny,

Antique Ansonia Ny, Mantle Clock Porcelain Faceiron Base Circa 1881 Nice Chimes


Antique Ansonia Open

Antique Ansonia Open Escapement Movement Porcelain Clock Ossipee 8 Day


Rare 19th C.

Rare 19th C. Ansonia Dakia Open Escapement Porcelain Mantle Clock Works


Antique Ansonia Dresden

Antique Ansonia Dresden Porcelain Clock 1857


Ansonia Dresden Porcelain

Ansonia Dresden Porcelain Mantle Clock 1882


Antique Ansonia Royal

Antique Ansonia Royal Bonn La Hay 1755 Porcelain Clock


Antique Royal Bonn

Antique Royal Bonn Germany La Gard Porcelain Mantle Clock Tm 1755 Ansonia


Antique Ansonia Onyx

Antique Ansonia Onyx Clock Time & Strike Porcelain Face Running


Antique Ansonia Porcelain

Antique Ansonia Porcelain Case Clock 415 Running Pink & White W/ Flowering


Vintage Ansonia Mantel

Vintage Ansonia Mantel American Clock Porcelain Case Professionally Cleaned 1880


Ansonia Open Escapement

Ansonia Open Escapement Clock Porcelain Face Iron Case Runs


Rare Ansonia Porcelain

Rare Ansonia Porcelain Shelf Clock Abia - Hand Painted - Beautiful


Ansonia 8-day Tivoli

Ansonia 8-day Tivoli Mantel Clock, Porcelain Dial, Running Striking Condition


Ansonia 8-day Cabinet

Ansonia 8-day Cabinet 37 Mantel Clock Porcelain Dial Running Striking Cond 1917


Ansonia Antique Miniature

Ansonia Antique Miniature 6 Mantel Desk Clock Porcelain Face - Working


Antique Ansonia Royal

Antique Ansonia Royal Bonn Germany Porcelain Table Clock Baby Blue Pink Flowers


1890 Porcelain Clock

1890 Porcelain Clock Case Ansonia 'tamaqua' - Clean Condition, Case Only


Green Victorian Ansonia

Green Victorian Ansonia Royal Bonn Painted Porcelain Mantle Mercedes Clock


Floral Stamped Germany

Floral Stamped Germany Ansonia Porcelain Clock-approx 6 Tall.antique Piece.


Antique Porcelain Dial

Antique Porcelain Dial Tambour-style Ansonia Brass Mantle Shelf Clock D488


Antique Ansonia Clock

Antique Ansonia Clock Co. Face/dial 2 Ornate Brass & Porcelain W/ Floral Motif


Ansonia Porcelain Dial

Ansonia Porcelain Dial And Center 4 3/4 New Clock Parts


1982 Press Photo

1982 Press Photo A Charming Ansonia Clock With Dresden Porcelain Case


2 Antique Ansonia

2 Antique Ansonia Porcelain Clock Dials For Parts


1912 Ad Ansonia

1912 Ad Ansonia Onyx Clocks Wentworth Alexis Adair Porcelain Lamine Lafontaine


1905 Paper Ad

1905 Paper Ad Royal Bonn Ansonia Clock Porcelain Dial Mantel


1904 Advert Green

1904 Advert Green Onyx Clocks Waterbury Ansonia Porcelain Clock


1900 Ad Ansonia

1900 Ad Ansonia Porcelain Clock Half Hour Gong Enameled Iron Rouen Amiens Berlin


Antique Ansonia Royal

Antique Ansonia Royal Bonn La Manche Porcelain Mantle Clock 1904


Antique Ansonia Clock

Antique Ansonia Clock W/ Porcelain Face Cast Iron Case With Pendulum Running


Antique Ansonia Royal

Antique Ansonia Royal Bonn La Nord Porcelain China Mantel Clock Blue Floral


Ansonia Royal Bonn

Ansonia Royal Bonn La Vogue Antique Usa Porcelain Mantle Clock Works Good


Rare Cobalt Blue

Rare Cobalt Blue Ansonia Torn Porcelain Mantle Clock Circa 1890 New York Usa


Antique Ansonia Dresden

Antique Ansonia Dresden Porcelain Clock Time Strike . Working Order .


Antique Gilbert No

Antique Gilbert No 431 Porcelain China Ansonia 1904 Movement Mantle Clock


Vintage Tally Ansonia

Vintage Tally Ansonia Royal Bonn Porcelain Mantle Clock Works Gold Trim


Antique Ansonia Tuscola

Antique Ansonia Tuscola French Porcelain Clock


Antique Ansonia Open/visible

Antique Ansonia Open/visible Escapement Clock Movement Porcelain/china


Antique Ansonia Art

Antique Ansonia Art Nouveau 8-day Cathedral Clock, Porcelain Dial, Not Working


Antique Porcelain Ansonia

Antique Porcelain Ansonia Mantel Shelf Flower Floral Clock


Art Nouvau Art

Art Nouvau Art Deco Spelter Bronze Dresser Clock Porcelain Dail 8 Day Ansonia Kw


Ansonia Porcelain Clock

Ansonia Porcelain Clock Case , Royal Bonn